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NMT Graduate Certificate in Hydrology via Distance Education


The Hydrology Program within the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at NM Tech offers a 15-Credit Graduate Certificate program in Hydrology.

You can interact with the faculty during the classes as they are taught (Fig. 1) or view lectures asynchronously using the Canvas distance education software environment. Prospective students need access to a computer with a browser and a high-speed Internet connection in order to participate in lectures, handle assignments, conduct examinations and communicate with faculty, advisors and peers. The classes are accessed via NM Tech distance learning portal described below. We strongly recommend students to view the lectures in real time, if possible, so they can ask questions interactively. Distance education students who are on professional travel may turn assignments in late but will be required to take the exam on the same day as regular students.

Figure 1. Example of online presentations. The instructor and class are seen in the upper left image. The lecture material being presented is shown in the large image in the upper right hand corner of the window. Distance education students can send text messages (lower left hand corner) to interact with the instructor.

Overview of Online Certificate in Hydrology Program: Our 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Hydrology is intended to provide students with much of the course work that our MSc. students are required to take. Online students will not be required to participate in laboratory and field components of distance education (DE) classes such as Erth 440. Students who complete the Certificate Program with a B average are eligible to apply this course work towards completion of an MSc. or Ph.D. degrees at NM Tech in Socorro. An MSc. Hydrology degree requires 30 credits and a research thesis. Students must maintain a B average (3.0 GPA) in order to receive a certificate. Courses completed with a grade below a C must be retaken. All DE students are required to take Erth 440. To complete the 15-credit degree requirement, students may choose from the following list of courses: Geol 512D, Geol 550D, Hyd 507D, Hyd 510, Hyd 511D, Hyd 513D, Hyd 514D, Hyd 543.

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