Tech Creator’s Association (TCA)

Tech Creator’s Association (TCA) is a student club at New Mexico Tech. The TCA is looking for new students to take it up again.

Advisor. Rosário Durão
Fall 2020 President. Benjamin Mastripolito
Fall 2020 Oficers. Jeremy Tarr & Marianne Lara

Fall 2020 Meetings. We meet (at least) weekly at 6 pm in The Writing and Communication Lab (Fitch Hall, Room 002). 

Email. To volunteer for the TCA, write to

TCA Constitution

The Tech Creator’s Association (TCA) is a club that exists to encourage NMT students to explore creative endeavors together. We provide a platform for students that enjoy sharing their creative work. This includes traditional art, digital media, creative science/engineering, and any other product of creation. We will schedule regular student presentations on any topic relating to creative work. We will also encourage students to hold workshops in which they share a creative process or tools and teach others how to use them.

Not only will we encourage active creators to join the club, but also those interested in learning about others’ creative projects. We will provide what we feel is much needed time and space for creative-minded individuals studying and living in an environment where creativity is undervalued in their daily lives in education. We also want to encourage those who do not think of themselves as being creative to recognize their abilities and try new things. By giving students this platform, we hope to bring creativity closer to NMT’s focus on STEM.

We will meet (at least) weekly in the Writing and Communication Lab, in Fitch Hall, Room 002. Our meeting times will be decided by the members at the beginning of the semester. We will elect our officials initially by choice, and eventually by vote, once our members are more involved. We will resolve conflicts during meetings with as many members involved as possible.

In general, we will try to give every member a fair chance at sharing their work or interests. However, we do want to keep the quality of our student/staff talks and workshops at a reasonably high standard. We also believe that everybody should get a chance to speak and collaborate, and that they should not feel limited in any way by their abilities This means our workshops should require little foreknowledge on the part of the participants.

TCA Budget

The Tech Creator’s Association will use its funding primarily for food. During this coming semester, we will hold weekly meetings and try to provide food every meeting. If there are other things we need to purchase, they will be related to displaying student creative works in our meeting room (Writing and Communication Lab, Fitch Hall, Room 002). This might include small things like command strips or other methods of fixture. Any supplies we need will be kept in the Writing and Communication Lab.