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Adobe Connect software lets remote students view and interactive with live, on-campus courses.

New Mexico Tech’s Distance Education program provides live, web-based courses that allow students to participate via video and audio with instructors and other students from anywhere in the world. Tech’s Distance program is unique in that remote students are part of a regular class being offered on campus in one of Tech’s multimedia-enabled classrooms. The Adobe Connect platform lets distance students see and hear everything that on-campus students can see and hear.

Using this approach, students can earn graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Engineering Management, and a Certificate in Hydrology Engineering.

distance_smA Master of Science for Teachers degree can be earned while studying anytime and anyplace. Lectures in most courses are recorded; a summer session on Tech’s campus can complete the degree work.

Contact the Academic Center for Technology at Tech for information by emailing us at act@nmt.edu.

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